Rhetoric Bourbon – The Orphan Barrel Whiskey Company uses orphaned barrels to bottle bourbon that once drunk are gone for ever. They bottle only in Tullahoma, Tennessee and from what we gather it is also a Diageo product. This particular bottle is a 20-year-old and of course a limited release. (Check them out at www.orphanbarrel.com).

(90 proof).

Approx. $85 for 750ml. Tasting was done on the rocks as our usual way.

Orphan Barrel Rhetoric – The Bourbon Guide review


Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason Neutral B -2 81
Tripp Neutral B 0 85
Rater Comments
like sweet and smooth but it unfortunately delivers a nice woody flavor having been in oak for 20 years."
Tripp Very Oaky, like it had been aged in the barrel for say like….20 years?? This bourbon is very rich and heavy with an overwhelming wood flavor, it drowns out the sweet caramel. I enjoyed the drink but might not shell out $80+ dollars again for it.


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