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The “Locust Avenue Bourbon Club” was formed in June 2012 and is the antithesis to a wine guild or wine club. We are down-to-earth whiskey drinkers who made it our hobby to try as many different types as possible while never describing any of them with  pretentious adjectives and adverbs (e.g.: this bourbon is like a winter seascape with a flute player melodiously blowing an Irish sea ditty.)

We are neighbors which eliminates the need to drive (please never drink and drive) and it allows our wives to socialize on one side of the street while we drink and socialize on the other. It was a bachelor party with fine wines that initially inspired the club to review Bourbons (due in part to our lack of wine knowledge and the small number of Bourbons makes our limited knowledge that much richer) and our wives encouragement to get out of the house. Consequently, it would be no surprise if our wives start a competing blog about cheese, champagne or margaritas.

We would like to share our thoughts with as many people as possible and to receive good comments. The rarer the bourbon the better and we are always looking for the perfect drink.

So…welcome to our new bourbon tasting guide and bourbon rating blog.

We have no connection to the alcohol business world, and have no special skills or refined pallets.  Why not share our findings? Enjoy and please feel free to “politely” participate in the discussion of drink!

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Duncan Macfarlane

    I enjoyed meeting both you and your wife at the ABC store beside the Kroger this afternoon. As you obviously know, bourbon makes a social occasion … well that more social.
    A gathering for a blind tasting works as well for bourbon as wine. I’ll be happy to help plan one.
    Also, I would love to be a guest critic for for your blog (sorry to be so rude as to invite myself). Give me a call sometime and we can share some bourbon stories over a glass.
    Duncan Macfarlane

    1. jc Post author

      Hope all is well with you and that you have been making occasions more social. We would always welcome your thoughts and have finally started back at the drinking (I mean taste ratings). Please visit often. PS – we checked out your sweet website (coolgreenspaces.com) too.

    1. jc Post author

      Thanks for the comment – but which bourbon should be listed under Evan Williams / Heaven Hill.
      Sorry we have been lame and not rated anything recently. Let us know if you have anymore comments.


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