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Cleveland Black Reserve – Batch 006 and is a limited production where they finish with an oxygen enrich accelerated process.  This sounds fancy so keep reading to see if we liked it!  First though let’s explain this process a little more.  They start with barrel-aged bourbon but instead of letting it age the old-fashioned way, in a warehouse, they use pressure changes and oxygen to control the aging process. This bottle was pressure aged for 6 months using charred white oak segments and a little science to deliver their product faster (

(100 proof).

$35 for 750ml. Tasting was done on the rocks as our usual way.

Clevelend Whiskey – The Bourbon Guide review


Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason Pleasant C 3 89
Tripp Pleasant C 3 89
Rater Comments
Jason Friends this is a new age production so if you buy into this then do buy their product. If you prefer bourbon to be aged using only time then this may surprise you.  It flavor matches its strength in alcohol.  A nice viscosity that is full on the palate.
Tripp Woody with a full heavy flavor… not too sweet but definitely sweeter than most. It finishes with an earthy rye but opens with sweet caramel.  Amazingly smooth for 50% alcohol. This is such a rich full of flavor bourbon I would buy it again and keep it on hand.


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