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Woodford Reserve – The Bourbon Guide

Woodford Reserve – A well known bourbon from bars to weddings; not to mention many people keep this as their own top shelf house bourbon.  We  raise our glasses to all our fellow drinkers, but suggest you branch out to more exotic bourbons in the future.

(90.4 proof)- Batch 498 Bottle 05579.

$35 for 750ml – this was purchased many years ago

Tasting was done on the rocks.

Woodford Reserve – The Bourbon Guide review


Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason Pleasant B +3 85
Tripp Pleasant B +2 88
Rater Comments
Jason A standard no frills bourbon.  I am not a huge fan nor a huge proponent.  I have found myself revising my initial impression of this bourbon which makes me wonder if it is possible to separate its taste with the fun and experiences one typically has when drinking Woodford Reserve.
Tripp This is the bourbon every old man loves. I think not because it tastes great, but because it brings back memories and still represents bourbon class. This is the classy Makers Mark in my opinion. In fact I would say the flavor is very similar to Makers but a little richer. I have had many good drinks on Woodford, but as for a 'Woodford Reserve – The Bourbon Guide review'….eh not bad.