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Weller Special Reserve

W. L. Weller Special Reserve – “The Orginal Wheated Bourbon”

45% (90 proof)

Tasting on the rocks.

$18 VA abc for 750ml

Weller Special Reserve – The Bourbon Guide’s review


Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason Neutral B -1 79
Tripp Pleasant B 0 79
Rater Comments
Jason Nice until 1 second after drinking it.  Then you get a waft of alcohol rushing your nose but as soon as it appeared it is gone.  Then comes the aftertaste – not too bad but not nearly as good as the first flavors you experience.  In all an okay bourbon and one that could be a mixer.
Tripp Its cheap price point is one of positive and its lack of complexity is one of its main negatives. It is thin and flavorless but drinkable. At least it is not too spicy and doesn't have too much of an alcohol burn. Can we all say it together: MIXER!