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Sam Houston – The Bourbon Guide

Sam Houston – American straight whiskey made with Kentucky Bourbon and aged in charred white oak barrels; per the distillery’s website. Sam Houston, born a Virginian, was known for bringing Texas into the United States – he is obviously the namesake of Houston.

(86 proof).

$26 for 750ml. Tasting was done on the rocks as our usual way.

Sam Houston Whiskey – The Bourbon Guide review


Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason Pleasant A 5 88
Tripp Pleasant A 5 90
Rater Comments
Jason I have always been a person who will choose a dessert over an appetizer; so I like this.  It is sweet and leaves an after taste that lingers for a few moments.  It is like eating an alcoholic Sugar Daddy.
Tripp This is like biting into a caramel candy filled with a tiny amount of whisky. To say this whiskey is sweet would be an understatement, it is saccharine sweet to the point of losing some of its complexity. There is still a hint of flavor, but it is drowned out by sugary vanilla and caramel…. drink this as an after dinner cordial. Is this a bourbon?