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Rowan’s Creek

Rowan’s Creek

(100.1 proof) –¬†$32 for 750ml

This is a great mixer for high end Manhattan’s – it really adds a nice spice and complexity to the drink. ¬†This bourbon is for people who like earthy spice in their drink.

Tasting was done on the rocks.


Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason Neutral C -5 79
Tripp Neutral D -4 75
Rater Comments
Jason Unless you like spice, I wouldn't recommend this – it is just not my style.
Tripp Sweet but very hot. Very spicy with too much burn. Needs ample water. Not a favorite but drinkable. Seems expensive to be your go to mixer – but some people like a fancy cocktail.

Rowan's Creek