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Rebel Reserve

Rebel Reserve – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Bottle number 28285; Batch number 1709

45.3% (90.6 proof)

Tasting on the rocks.

$20 VA abc for 750ml

Rebel Reserve – The Bourbon Guide’s review

Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason Pleasant B +2 79
Tripp Neutral B +1 80
Rater Comments
Jason Now I did let my ice melt quite a lot.  So this was more like a drowning Rebel than a dry one – which made the drinking smoother.  I did notice some spiciness on my gums after a relatively dessert like taste.
Tripp Nutty, fruity, weak! Definitely not a favorite. I would say this is very mixable due to its weakness and the fact that I need to get rid of the rest of the bottle. Thankfully this is a cheap bourbon and I don't feel jipped. Not a rebuy.