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Old Forrester 2012 Birthday Bourbon – The Bourbon Guide

Old Forester 2012 Birthday Bourbon

12 year – Birthday Bourbon 2012 – aged in oak casks.  Old Forester puts out a new birthday bourbon each year.  Some years are better than others.  So as soon as 2013 is bottled and distributed it will be hard to find past years. These are really kind of fun to collect and compare year to year. Unfortunately they are often hard to find and have a much more spicy flavor than we normally enjoy. A few of the other companies put out yearly or experimental bourbons (like Buffalo Trace) and these might be better to collect if you share out pallet for sweet drinks.

48.5% (97 proof) Bourbon was dumped on 8.15.11 from barrel no 23 stored in warehouse 11 on rick # 2 – giving us bottle #104.

Tasting was done on the rocks.

Approx. $35 at the VA ABC stores for a 750ml.

Old Forrester 2012 Birthday Bourbon – The Bourbon Guide Review:


Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason Unpleasant D -2 72
Tripp Neutral B -3 80
Rater Comments
Jason A little like placing your nose in a wood box.  The drink starts off smooth and timid as compared to its finish which is not good.  It is definitely not my birthday! Great for a mixer only as it will add spice and heat – alcohol style.
Tripp Very smooth with pronounced earth and wood. Not my taste preference but because of the smoothness it is very drinkable. I would not ever buy it again, but the bottle is very cool.