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Maker’s Mark – The Bourbon Guide

Maker’s Mark – 90 proof (45%)

This is the staple bourbon of our generation (the young winner generation!). The bourbon everyone knows, the bourbon everyone starts drinking and the bourbon the market cannot get enough of. The company was considering, but has since decided not to, a reduction in the alcohol content by 3%. This would have been accomplished by adding water to meet the insane market demand. All bourbon drinkers know this brand and many still like it as a go-to drink. After trying so many Bourbons, many of our friends that are serious bourbon drinkers never buy it again. See our review and you will know why….remember we like sweet bourbon, not earthy spicy bourbon as a norm.

Tasting was done straight up, but this drink is better with ice.

$29 for 750ml

Maker’s Mark – The Bourbon Guide review:


Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason Neutral C -5 73
Tripp Neutral B -6 71
Rater Comments
Jason Somehow you feel compelled to own it- but as soon as you buy another bourbon you will never drink it. You will feel guilty and always suggest this drink for your friends and offer it to others, but never touch it yourself. Spicy and shallow.
Tripp The staple whiskey that made me originally love bourbon (over scotch and other whiskey.) The more bourbon I drink the harder it is to ever go back. This represents my C drink, passing but not a good grade. This is a friends and family drink only, and the bottle I have now will eventually be given away. You have to really like the earth and spice flavor of bourbon, as well as the tobacco and wood flavor. If people suggest that this is a sweet bourbon, they have clearly not tried some of the other Bourbons on the market (or compare it to Jack Daniels or Jim Beam.. yuck!) I would take most anything over this…even wine!