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This distillery has been bought and sold numerous times.

Smooth Ambler

Smooth Ambler “Old Scout”

6 yrs. old 49.5% (101 proof) Batch 8; Bottle Date June 19, 2012; Bottled by JH; West Virginia

Tasting was done on the rocks. This was a brave choice considering the 101 proof of this whiskey. A proper bourbon guide review would best have been done with a splash of water. Brave… that is how we can describe our drinking!

$40 at the VA ABC stores for a 750ml.


Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason Neutral A +1 86
Tripp Pleasant A +2 87
Rater Comments
Jason Fruit follwed by spice. Considering the alcohol content this is quite smooth and nice with a fire blazing in the living room.  Recommend to all.
Tripp Caramel, spice, citrus.  Very balanced and incredibly smooth. Really nice drink. One of my favorites. Great all around bourbon.



Filibuster Dual Cask

Dual cask: 2 distinct oak barrels. Finished in French Oak barrels.

The bottle tested was Batch 1, Bottle 3955 and was purchased in Washington DC. This is a 45% alcohol bourbon.

Tasting was done straight up. This is a novelty type bourbon, and got some great reviews on-line and in magazines. We are lucky to have a bottle, but now that we tried it…we are stuck with a bottle.


Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason Neutral B -1 80
Tripp Pleasant B, not bad at all +1 77

Rater Comments
Jason Smooth with a slight alcohol flavor. A lot of wood, too much wood – I am not a lumberjack. A flavor I would never reach for, but good to sample.  Having said all of this, there is no more Filibuster to drink.
Tripp Sweet with wood, lots of wood. Like a sugary piece of oak in your mouth. There is the earthy finish that makes it only a +1 sweetness, but the wood is overwhelming. A very different flavor, but a flavor I would never reach for. My bottle is used just for tastings and for comparison. You really need to like the oak flavor to every buy this bottle. More of a novelty than a legitimate drink.