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Hirsch 20 Year – The Bourbon Guide

Hirsch 20 Year Special Reserve

48% (96 proof) – A rare bottle only 120 casks were produced from Feb 27, 1987 mash in Illinois.

Tasting on the rocks.

Approx. $90 in NYC for a 750ml. About the same price in the Va ABC stores….. not cheap!

Hirsch 20 Year – The Bourbon Guide review:


Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason Pleasant B -5 78
Tripp Pleasant A -7 75
Rater Comments
Jason The rating is on my taste scale, but for those that desire wood, spice and pepper with a little licorice this is for you! A special bourbon many will desire to try yet own. Don't get me wrong it is a nice bottle.  However, I leave it for others Рfor me to drink this cheats others who would truly appreciate it.
Tripp No sweetness at all. very woody, spicy, leathery with a very earthy after taste. Not a smooth easy drink. Not my type of flavor but I guess a must have for spice lovers. Given the price, this is not a re-buy for sure.