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Elijah Craig 12 yr. – The Bourbon Guide

Elijah Craig 12 yr. – A small batch Kentucky straight bourbon made from limestone filtered water and a special yeast recipe.  In their own words “one of the world’s greatest bourbons”.  Please read on to see our perspective.

(94 proof) – no specific bottle numbers.

$25 for 750ml – and was received as a gift.

Tasting was done on the rocks as our usual way.

Elijah Craig 12 year – The Bourbon Guide review


Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason Pleasant B -3 83
Tripp Neutral B -4 80
Rater Comments
Jason I taste pepper and reminds me of buying peppered beef jerky.  Why? Well, when you eat it you taste pepper and for me when I drink Elijah Craig 12 year bourbon I taste pepper. Not a bad bourbon at all but I don't feel it is one of the greats either.
Tripp A high proof drink with flavors of pepper, clove and earth but no sweet.  This is very smooth and drinkable but not my taste preference.  I would recommend this highly to our fans who like the negative side of our taste scale… this will be a mixer for me.


Rebel Reserve

Rebel Reserve – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Bottle number 28285; Batch number 1709

45.3% (90.6 proof)

Tasting on the rocks.

$20 VA abc for 750ml

Rebel Reserve – The Bourbon Guide’s review

Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason Pleasant B +2 79
Tripp Neutral B +1 80
Rater Comments
Jason Now I did let my ice melt quite a lot.  So this was more like a drowning Rebel than a dry one – which made the drinking smoother.  I did notice some spiciness on my gums after a relatively dessert like taste.
Tripp Nutty, fruity, weak! Definitely not a favorite. I would say this is very mixable due to its weakness and the fact that I need to get rid of the rest of the bottle. Thankfully this is a cheap bourbon and I don't feel jipped. Not a rebuy.




by John E. Fitzgerald 46% (92 proof) – Kentucky

Tasting was done with 1 rock.

Approx. $26 at the VA ABC stores for a 750ml.


Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason Neutral C +1 85
Tripp Neutral B +2 88
Rater Comments
Jason Good value for money – we hear that this has been selling quite well at the ABC stores. After the first sip and a few seconds I get a numbness between my lips and gums.  The second sip is quite drinkable. The price of approx $25 can easily be found on sale and thus much cheaper.
Tripp The nose was thin. Chemical. But not bad. Taste: Sweet and smooth. Very drinkable. Some heat and spice to the flavor at the end. Definitely a wheated" bourbon in the tradition of Pappy Van Winkle."


Evans Williams 1783 – The Bourbon Guide

Evan Williams 1783

Small Batch – approx. $15 for 750ml – 86 proof (43%)

$15 dollars for this bourbon is a steal! It almost made us pass it on as a bottom shelf no name drink, but that would have been a major mistake. This is a real whiskey and should certainly be included in everyone’s collection. Do not let the cheap price tag fool you. My only comment is if this is $15 a bottle, why is Makers so much more… and forget some of the other drinks!

Tasting was done on the rocks.

Evans Williams 1783 – The Bourbon Guide


Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason Neutral B +4, sweet side 89
Tripp Pleasant B +5, sweeter for sure 95
Rater Comments
Jason Agreed – great surprise for the price.  A versatile bourbon for your cabinet – not an issue mixing it given the price but can be offered as a sipping bourbon just the same. If you see it and have room – give it a try.
Tripp Nose: Sweet. Nice Taste: Sweet and smooth. Really nice. Cheap!! $16. Delicious. Buy this drink. Keep it on your shelf when you want a great sweet bourbon and do not want to feel guilty about spending money. This bottle is cheaper than most wine and will last you 15 times a long with way more enjoyment. A definite personal favorite.