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Filibuster Dual Cask

Dual cask: 2 distinct oak barrels. Finished in French Oak barrels.

The bottle tested was Batch 1, Bottle 3955 and was purchased in Washington DC. This is a 45% alcohol bourbon.

Tasting was done straight up. This is a novelty type bourbon, and got some great reviews on-line and in magazines. We are lucky to have a bottle, but now that we tried it…we are stuck with a bottle.


Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason Neutral B -1 80
Tripp Pleasant B, not bad at all +1 77

Rater Comments
Jason Smooth with a slight alcohol flavor. A lot of wood, too much wood – I am not a lumberjack. A flavor I would never reach for, but good to sample. ┬áHaving said all of this, there is no more Filibuster to drink.
Tripp Sweet with wood, lots of wood. Like a sugary piece of oak in your mouth. There is the earthy finish that makes it only a +1 sweetness, but the wood is overwhelming. A very different flavor, but a flavor I would never reach for. My bottle is used just for tastings and for comparison. You really need to like the oak flavor to every buy this bottle. More of a novelty than a legitimate drink.