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Each bottle has a distinctive cork with a letter imbedded into the picture of the horse. The idea is to collect all of the letters. This bottle was the letter “L” – We have are not even close to collecting of the corks to spell B L A N T O N S. Honestly, we are big fan’s of cool bottles and gimmicks, but this is just a little too much.

46.5% (93 proof) Bourbon was dumped on 8.15.11 from barrel no 23 stored in warehouse 11 on rick # 2 – giving us bottle #104.

Tasting was done on the rocks.

Approx. $54 at the VA ABC stores for a 750ml.

Blanton’s – The Bourbon Guide’s review


Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason Pleasant D +1 77
Tripp Unpleasant D +1 80
Rater Comments
Jason My first drink of the day – and the first sip was full of burn and pepper between my lips and gums.  Second try gave me confidence that this is a full bourbon and one that will put hair on your chest.  The burn alone brought down my score. Not one I would naturally go for but a great option when hosting guests.
Tripp Fire burn start – sweet finish.  Not very spicy but definitely not very sweet.  Vanilla and close finish and it is not a great after taste. It is a very cool bottle with a collectors cork – thus a great gift bourbon.  Not one I will buy again for myself.