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Black Maple Hill

Black Maple Hill

47.5% (95 proof)  Limited Edition – aged in White Oak Casks and Hand Bottled.  Red label.

This came after a 5 month waiting period at the VA ABC and cost around $65 for 750ml.

Tasting was done with one rock (ice cube).


Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason Neutral B +4 89
Tripp Pleasant C +4 91
Rater Comments
Jason Maybe it is because this bourbon is hard to obtain but even so I really like it.  A sweeter bourbon with great color and flavor.  I think caramel and candy but with a rounded nature. If it were mine I would reach for it most evenings – good days and bad.
Tripp All mine – get your grubby paws off! Very sweet, very smooth with a back of the throat burn.  A top notch bourbon that just tastes elite.  It was worth the wait – if you see it buy it (for me).