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Belle Meade

Belle Meade

45.2% (90.4 proof) – from Kentucky.
A friend of mine was in Tennessee and was at a liqueur store reading labels to me to see if I needed anything for my collection. Over the phone he read the name of this bourbon and then added…”it has a classy bottle”…. and I was sold. I am a sucker for a nice bottle. Call me superficial, I know the liqueur will be drunk! — Tripp

Tasting on the rocks.

Approx. $40 from VA ABC for a 750ml.

Belle Meade – The Bourbon Guide’s review:


Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason Pleasant C +1 75
Tripp Pleasant C +4 90
Rater Comments
Jason Burn – is my first thought.  As for my second thought, shudder – this is not my favorite.  I did eat a chocolate cookie before this tasting – but I digress…
Tripp Very Nice – too bad it has a little burn otherwise a great bourbon.  A very nice drink, with sweet and smooth flavors. There is a definite alcohol taste and the sweets are sometimes covered by fire, but the overall taste is pleasing. Not my top bourbon, but a definite top tier.