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John B. Stetson – The Bourbon Guide

John B. Stetson – Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey aged a minimum of four years in charred oak casks.  John who lived between 1830-1906 and was a well-known US hatter. Now the company makes bourbon too…

(84 proof).

Approx. $30 for 750ml. Tasting was done on the rocks as our usual way.

John B. Stetson – The Bourbon Guide review


Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason Neutral C 2 79
Tripp Unpleasant B 1 80
Rater Comments
Jason I like their hats and they make their bourbon to be consumed in quantity.  To so I recommend mixing it rather than drinking it straight.  But if you like shots this is a good shot – low in viscosity and flavor. Oh he also started a college in Florida too – can't be good at everything!
Tripp This is a very thin bourbon.  There is not a lot of deep flavors. The flavors I do get are earth, spice and a little bit of vanilla.  I would consider this much more of a mixing bourbon than a sipping bourbon.  For the price, I can think of far better drinks.  Stick to hats Stetson.