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Buffalo Trace – The Bourbon Guide

Buffalo Trace

Our first review of a bourbon will be Buffalo Trace Kentucky bourbon. This is a great bourbon to start with. It is very reasonably priced, easy to find and has a very mild taste that many people enjoy. We consider this a bourbon to rate other bourbons against.

Tasting was done straight up.

$24 at the VA ABC stores for a 750ml (90 proof).

Buffalo Trace – The Bourbon Guide review


Rater Nose Alcohol Burn Taste Scale Overall Score
Jason  Unpleasant C +2 Sweet side 82
Tripp Unpleasant C: definite burn +3 sweeter side 84
Rater Comments
Jason A solid everyday drinking bourbon. A good value for the money, but not an elite drink.
Tripp Great value for the money. A bourbon you must always keep in your cabinet for everyday drinking and sharing with friends. This drink starts smooth and¬†sweet, but finishes very rough and shallow compared to more expensive bourbons. The end is far worse than the start. Still a nice drink………….. ADDENDUM: After trying so many more bourbons, I would keep my review and ratings the same, but say this is not a MUST HAVE drink. I would order this over Makers or Woodford, but not over Evan WIlliams 1783 or many of the elite bourbons. A